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Columbia Capital is a full-service financial and investment advisor.

Our financial advisory work spans more than 680 transactions representing more than $60 billion in bonds sold. We have advised on transactions ranging from less than $1 million to nearly $2 billion in size. Our experience spans general obligation and annual-appropriation bonds, K-12 and higher education, transportation, public transit, toll roads and turnpikes, water utilities, public power, single- and multi-family housing, economic development financings, renewable energy and a variety of unique credits, including unemployment bonds and tobacco bonds.

Our investment advisory work includes both idle funds cash management, as well as bond proceeds reinvestment and policy development and execution. In response to significant concerns about transparency and fairness in structured investment products bidding, Columbia Capital developed its patented bidvalut technology, which provids a secure, image-based bidding system for our clients.

Our public-private partnership advisory practice includes assessing the potential benefits and risks of P3 and structuring frameworks to evaluate P3 project delivery against traditional financing approaches.

Finally, Columbia Capital has an active municipal finance consulting practice, including work in economic development, New Markets Tax Credits, sophisticated financial modeling, policy evaluation and development, and post-issuance compliance services.

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