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Columbia Capital has provided financial advisory services on more than $60 billion of bonds including fixed and variable rate, new money and refunding, in areas including general obligation, revenue, annual appropriation, education, transportation, toll/turnpike, mass transit, parking, housing, pension, unemployment, and water utilities. Columbia Capital serves a wide-array of issuers, from small towns and cities to major metropolitan cities and counties to regional issuers to states and state agencies.

Our financial advisory capabilities and services include: developing, managing and implementing long term financial plans; analyzing the impact of capital plans on debt management and operational budgets; assisting in the conceptual development of a financing; developing cash flow models of the transaction; participating in the preparation of disclosure documents; preparing financing packages for rating agencies or insurers; reviewing and commenting on legal documentation; conducting a bidding process for a public sale; assisting in the pricing of bonds on a negotiated basis; and, coordinating the closing process.

Because Columbia Capital has no ties to or relationships with any broker-dealer, we provide independent, objective advice to our clients. Columbia does not suffer from the intrinsic conflicts of interest that exist with underwriters providing financial advisory services. Our team has built the firm, not by providing a one-size-fits-all approach, but by tailoring our services and our approach to the individual needs of each of the issuers we serve. Columbia provides the quality of advice of a national firm with the one-on-one “boutique” client service more typical of a smaller firm.

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